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Calculus for Management I Fall 2014 
R. Grinnell
email: grinnell@utsc.utoronto.ca
office: IC466  tel: 416-287-5655

office hours: Tuesdays 2pm-3pm in IC404;
Wednesdays 12noon-1pm, IC404;
Fridays 12noon-1pm in IC404
R. Buchweitz
email: ragnar@utsc.utoronto.ca
office: IC478  tel: 416-208-5108

office hours:Mondays 9-10am - IC404;
Fridays 10-11am - IC404

 Welcome to MATA32F Homepage

The MATA32F Office Hours are available. [Updated Nov. 10]

Only TUT0006 students have a tutorial on Monday, Dec. 1st to make up for Quiz 3. All other MATA32F students have their last tutorial this week: Nov. 24 - 28.

Important Notice for TUT0006 students only: Tutorial TUT0006 is cancelled on Monday, October 20, 4pm - 5pm because of the Midterm Test (which begins at 5pm on that day). This means you will not write Quiz 3 on Monday, October 20. Instead, you will write a make-up Quiz 3 on the same material on Monday, December 1 in your regular tutorial time, 4pm - 5pm.

Where to get help?
All UTSC students from any discipline are welcome to come. This includes students in mathematics, statistics and computer science, but also students from psychology, sociology, geography, biology, management, anthropology or any other discipline. If you need help with math or statistics, and you are motivated to learn, then you are most welcome.The hours of the Math and Statistics Learning Centre are posted here. Click here for times when tutors are available.
Students with a disability/health consideration are encouraged to approach Tina Doyle and/or the AccessAbility Services Office @ 287-7560. They can also drop by the office, S302B, inside the Resource Centre.  The Coordinator is available by appointment to assess specific needs, provide referrals and arrange appropriate accommodations.