Courseware has been created for the lab to help in the teaching of various mathematical concepts. Although copyrighted, the source code can be freely downloaded and used by following the links below. We are continually adding to it and while we now have some courseware for most advanced undergraduate mathematics courses, we have made no attempt at completeness. Our goal is not to create an electronic substitute for a blackboard but rather to supplement lectures and textbooks.

Most of the courseware is made up of Mathematica notebooks and packages, but some consists of C programs written to run under X-Windows. There is a lab manual beginning with an introduction to UNIX and Mathematica and going on to describe the use of each of the courseware packages and programs created for the lab. The manual is written in TeX and, as with the courseware, the pdf file comprising the manual may be freely downloaded. A hard copy of the manual can be purchased at cost from Pat Woodcock, Rm S631A in Scarborough College. Other software available in the Mathematics Computer Laboratory includes C, Pascal, Fortran, Mathematica, Maple, MATLAB, LISP and TeX.

Some of the software is not yet in a form in which it can be made public. For this reason some directories are empty. Please contact one of the people on our home page if you wish to look at such files in their present state.